RainLily 24 Hours Crisis Intervention Service provides consultation and referral service

When should you consider calling RainLily?

  • When you come across a female aged above 14, and victim of rape case or a serious sexual assault case (including physical abuse and psychological trauma), please introduce RainLily service to the client. Please obtain her consent before contacting us, this service is free of charge.


How does RainLily response?

  • Upon receiving your call, our counsellors will return your call within 15 minutes to provide crisis intervention and out-reach service, and if the situation requires, we will also travel to your office as soon as possible


What does RainLily provide?

  • Accompany the victim in the process of providing police statement

  • Accompany the victim to attend forensic examination and medical treatment related to the assault, including emergency contraception, assessment and preventive treatment for sexual trasmitted infections, and follow-up gynecological treatment

  • Follow up counselling


RainLily 24 Hours Emergency Pager For Police, Nurses, and Social Workers