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(Please note: We may change this privacy policy from time to time by updating this posting. Please check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of this site following the posting of changes to this policy will mean you accept those changes.)

Our web site located at ("the Website") is owned and operated by Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women and its affiliates/service units (hereafter referred to as "ACSVAW", "we", "our" or "us"). This statement ("Privacy Policy") describes the privacy practices we have adopted with respect to personal data in operating the Website. "Personal data" means data relating directly or indirectly to an individual from which it is practicable for the identity of the individual to be directly or indirectly ascertained. "You" and "your" when used in this Privacy Policy includes any person who accesses the Website and submits personal data.

By using the Website you consent to our collection and use of your personal data as described in this Privacy Policy. If we change our Privacy Policy and procedures, we will post those changes on the Website to keep you aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we may disclose it.

Collection of personal data and user information
When you visit the Website, we may collect the following information from you:

Personal data
Personal data you knowingly choose to disclose that is collected on an individual basis or when you register on the Website for purposes of making online donations and online store. Such information may include: name, email address, correspondence address, contact phone number, credit card or bank account information, age, and occupation.

User information
When you browse/visit the Website, our service provider makes a record of your visit. This shows your domain name server address, IP address, operating system, browser type and the pages you have visited. We may also obtain information about your general Internet usage to help us improve the Website by using "Cookies" which are stored on the hard drive of your computer. Information gathered by using “Cookies” may include the date and time of visits, the pages viewed, time spent at the Website, and the web sites you visited immediately before and after the Website. The service provider only discloses to us aggregate information about the number of visitors. We will only use the information for preparing statistics and analysis purposes.

Protect your personal data
We are committed to safeguarding web users’ personal information in respect of its collection, use, retention security, transfer and access. Personal data is collected by lawful and fair means and only used for lawful purposes directly related to the functions and activities of ACSVAW. We take all reasonably practical steps to ensure that personal data collected and retained are accurate and protected against unauthorised or accidental access, processing, erasure or other use. We limit the use of and access to your personal data to our designated employees, authorized agents and processors who are instructed to handle your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Use of your personal data
We understand the importance of use of personal data and security, so the personal information you have provided via the Website will be treated as strictly confidential. Your personal data will be used for purposes of verification, receipting (if any), and it could be used for event promotion, fundraising activities and communication purposes in line with the scope of work and service clients of ACSVAW, and we will not disclose the personal data to any irrelevant third parties.

Important notice on personal data usage
To connect closely with you and to keep you informed of our works, ACSVAW and its service providers may use your contact information (name, contact phone number, email and address) for the purpose of communications, receipt issuance (if any), fundraising, volunteer recruitment and survey administration. The personal data collected will be treated as strictly confidential. In addition, under the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right of access and correction with respect to personal data. If you want to access or correct your personal data, or you do not wish to receive any communication relating to our services and/or activities, please inform us as follows:

Dept.: Communication and Resource Development Department
Tel.: (852) 2392 2569
Mailing Address: P.O. Box No. 74120, Kowloon Central Post Office
Office Hours: Mon – Thurs, 9am – 6pm; Fri, 9am – 5pm (Close at lunch break, both Saturday, Sunday and public holiday)
We will follow up the requirement within 7 working days.

Registration, online donations and online store
When you register or make a donation/purchase through the Website, your personal information will be securely encrypted. Your credit card or online payment information will be passed to a third party (such as bank or online payment gateway) only where necessary for the purpose of processing the donation/purchase payment. We will not disclose any of the credit card or online payment information to any other third party.

Links to other websites
The Website provides hyperlinks to other websites. This Privacy Policy does not apply in respect of such third party web sites, and we are not responsible for any personal information about you which they may collect. These third-party hyperlinks are only supplied for the convenience of the Website’s visitors.

We aim to provide a secure setting (e.g. SSL) for user to provide personal information, however, we do not guarantee that information transmitted through the Website or any electronic mail (email) will be secure, since such information or email sent over the Internet is not secure.

Changes to our Privacy Policy
Any changes we make to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this page. You should check our Privacy Policy regularly to ensure that you are aware of our latest policies.

This Privacy Policy has been prepared in English and Chinese. In the event of a conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the English version will prevail. In case of discrepancies between the English & Chinese versions, the English version shall apply & prevail.

Personal Information Collection Statement 

Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women and its affiliates/service unites, (hereafter referred to as “ACSVAW”, "the Association", or “we”) undertakes to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to ensure that personal data kept are accurate and secure. Your personal information (including your name, postal and/or email addresses, telephone number, donation records, and year of birth, etc.) may be used by ACSVAW and the appointed communication services providers, for the purposes of sending you organisational updates, surveys, fundraising appeals, donation or membership administration, event invitations, other communication and marketing via postal mail, email, text message, Whatsapp message, or any other communication through internet and etc. For the full version of our Privacy Policy, please visit the Association's website.

If you want to access or correct your personal data, or you do not wish to receive any communication relating to our services and/or activities, please inform us as follows:

ACSVAW - Communication and Resource Development Department

Tel.: (852) 2392 2569


Mailing Address: P.O. Box No. 74120, Kowloon Central Post Office

Office Hours: Mon – Thurs, 9am – 6pm; Fri, 9am – 5pm (Close on both Saturday, Sunday and public holiday)

We will follow up the request within 7 working days.


(請注意,以下內容將因應需要作更新或修訂,建議使用者定期瀏覽本私隱政策;任何人士於條例修訂後仍繼續使用本網站,即表示同意及接受有關之修訂。)簡稱「本網站」)為關注婦女性暴力協會的註冊網址,並由本會及其轄下的服務單位(下稱為「本會」、「我們」)擁有並運作。本聲明(簡稱「私隱政策」)對本會在運營本網站使用個人資料時採取的私隱慣例作出描述。「個人資料」指與個 人直接或間接相關的、並以此能直接或間接地確定該人士身份的資料。聲明中提及的「使用者」時包括瀏覽本網站和提交個人資料的任何人士。



以個人為基礎收集的或者當閣下為進行網上捐贈及網上購物目的而在本網站註冊時有意選擇披露的個人資料。這些資訊可能包括姓名、 電郵地址、通訊地址、電話號碼、信用卡或銀行戶口資料、年齡、職業。

當訪問本網站時,我們的互聯網服務商會記錄使用者的訪問資料。紀錄會顯示您的功能變數名稱伺服器位址、IP位址、運行系統、瀏覽 器種類及所瀏覽的網頁等。我們也可能取得關於使用者一般互聯網使用的資訊,以協助我們通過使用儲存在使用者電腦硬碟上的 "Cookies"以對本網站進行改善。使用這些"Cookies"收集的資訊可能包括瀏覽網頁的日期和時間、瀏覽的網頁、在本網站花費的時間以及在訪問本網站前後訪問的網站。而互聯網服務商只會向我們提供訪問總人數的資訊。我們僅會使用這些資料用於統計及分析用途。

本會在個人資訊的收集、使用、保留安全性、轉移和查閱方面致力於保護網路用戶個人資訊的安全。個人資料通過合法和合理的方式收集,並僅用於與本會的功能和活動直接相關的合法目的。我們採取一切合理可行的措施確保準確地收集和保存個人資料,並保護不受未 經授權或意外查閱、處理、刪除或其他使用。我們對個人資料的使用和接觸僅限於受指示根據本私隱政策處理閣下個人資料的指定僱員、授權代理和處理商。

我們明白個人資料的使用及安全的重要性,故使用者所提供的個人資訊將受到嚴格保密。所收集的資料亦只會被用作資料核對、發送收 據(如適用),及有可能會用作活動宣傳、籌款事項、會員通訊等之用,以支援本會的工作範疇及服務對象,並不會外涉予第三方作其他用途。

為了讓使用者更進一步了解本會動向,本會及受其委託的服務提供者將會透過您提供的聯絡方法(包括姓名、電話、電郵及郵寄地址), 為您提供通訊、發送收據(如適用)、籌募、義工招募及相關資訊,以及用作收集意見之用途。而根據香港特別行政區現行頒佈的《個人資料(私隱)條例》,使用者有權查閱及更正有關的個人資料。如你欲查閱、更正個人資料,或拒絕接收關於本會的任何資訊,可透過以下途徑通知我們:


聯絡電話:(852) 2392 2569



辦公時間:星期一至四,上午9時至下午6時;星期五,上午9時至下午5時(午膳1時-2時、星期六日及公眾假期休息) 我們將於收到通知後7個工作天內跟進並回覆有關事宜。







關注婦女性暴力協會及其轄下的所有服務單位(下稱「本會」)會遵守及履行個人資料(私隱)條例之規定,並確保所收集的個人資料準確及安全。個人資料(包括姓名、通訊地址、電郵地址、電話號碼、捐款紀錄、年齡)或會被本會及其指定之傳遞服務供應商透過郵寄、 電子郵件、電話、短訊及互聯網通訊等方式,用作提供本會最新資訊、問卷調查、籌募活動、捐款、義工招募、或會員通訊及其他通訊和推廣之用途。若想了解關於本會私隱政策之全文,請本會網頁。


關注婦女性暴力協會 - 傳訊及資源發展部

聯絡電話:(852) 2392 2569