Advocacy for improved support for victims of sexual violence

Court Protective Measures*

  • Testify behind screen

  • Testify through live TV link

  • Private access to court

24-Hour One-Stop Service at Hospital Authority Facilities

Provide a private and supportive environment, and lessening the secondary victimisation during legal and medical procedures.

Policy and Legal Reform

Pushing for the Law Reform Commission's Review of Sexual Offences Subcommittee to speed up on the decade-long consultation process, in order to begin legislative procedures as soon as possible.

*The Judiciary amended its Practice Directions in August 2016 to allow victims of sexual violence to testify behind screen. In October 2016, the Department of Justice published a consultation paper: Proposed amendment to the Criminal Procedure Ordinance (Cap. 221) to give the court a discretion to permit complaints of certain sexual offences to give evidence by way of a live television link.
The Legislative Council approved a bill in April 2018 that allows the court to permit victims of sexual offences to testify in court by way of a live television link.


Position Papers

Our position papers regarding policy and issue on sexual violence / gender equality.


Advocacy Group

VOICES Survivors’ Rights

VOICES - Survivors' Rights Concern Group

Formed in 2009 to advance the rights of victims and survivors of sexual violence, an unwitting sector whose rights have for too long been ignored and whose dignity stigmatised.

"VOICES" firmly believes that survivors who unfortunately experienced sexual violence can overcome the ordeal and recover, that the rights of victims should be respected and that the voices of survivors should be heard and heeded. For survivors are fully capable of recovering their inner-strength, reestablishing their self-worth and exploring life's myriad possibilities. "VOICES" also believe that survivors are capable of empowering themselves through empowering other survivors, that they are capable of transforming society, thus eliminating gender-inequalities and bringing about social justice.

Gender-Friendly Environment

Gender-Friendly Environment Concern Group

Established in 2009, the Group has long been concerned with sexual offences in the community and public transport.


Gender Equality Education Concern Group

Formed in 2000, the Group concerns itself with advocating policies that ensure gender equality in our educational system, and monitoring efforts that strengthen equality in our school curriculum.