Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women Established in 1997, the Association was set up by a group of individuals who came together to promote women’s rights, support gender equity and with particular concerns about women facing sexual violence. The Association aims to urge both the government and general public to address issues relating to sexual violence; to assist the survivors to fight for their rights; and provide support to help survivors lead a life of self-confidence and dignity.

We believe everyone should enjoy basic human rights and dignity, and be free from any forms of infringement or discrimination; every woman should enjoy rights of freedom and liberty; society should provide a social environment with gender equity, respect and non-violence, and support women who have experienced sexual violence.

We dedicate our work to rally public support to fight against sexual violence, advocate for anti-sexual violence policies and support women who have experienced sexual violence.


ACSVAW operates RainLily (service unit) and Anti480 Anti-Sexual Violence Resource Centre (education unit) which were established in 2000 and 2005 respectively.