HKFP: ‘It was mentally traumatising’: Sexual violence survivors call for one-stop crisis centres at Hong Kong public hospitals

The “one-stop” model has proven successful in other countries. In Taipei City Hospital’s Renai Branch in Taiwan, the average wait time at their one-stop crisis centre is seven hours – two hours for medical processing and five hours for police processing, according to Dr Chan Chying-chuan, chairperson of the department of obstetrics and gynaecology at the hospital.

“The provision of [a] further accessible, assuring, less lengthy and less traumatising environment for survivors can allow them to be more confident in seeking medical help and judicial justice as early as possible,” the RainLily spokesperson explained. “Through reducing systematic secondary trauma, we believe more survivors will be encouraged to come forward.”

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Symposium on Sexual Violence in Asia

The Symposium on Sexual Violence in Asia is co-organised by The Centre for Criminology, the Department of Sociology, The School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong and RainLily. With regional and international experts in the field to share experience and latest information on pushing forward one-stop sexual violence support service, and advocacy in policy reform.

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RainLily x Best Actress

ONE out of SEVEN women in Hong Kong have experienced sexual violence. RainLily premiered ‘The Best Actress’ ad during this year’s Hong Kong Film Awards presentation ceremony, imploring all of us to step up against sexual violence. The three stories appeared in the ad are all real-life cases, including: child sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, and workplace sexual harassment.

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