#MeToo & the Media Panel

#MeToo & the Media - Portrayal or Betrayal?

Friday, 21st June 2019 - 17:30

Eaton Hong Kong - 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon

The #metoo tsunami has led to greater awareness and a change of behaviours in many Western countries. In Asia, such as Hong Kong, China and Japan it has barely made a ripple. The brave women who have filed complaints have suffered victim blaming, family stigma and media bullying. Is speaking out really worth it? We ask this question and more with our panellist – women who have sacrificed their own personal reputations to ensure many more people are safe.

Ticket: HK$130
*All proceeding of the event will go to support ACSVAW's work in education and advocacy.


Ms. Shiori Ito is a Japanese freelance journalist and filmmaker. She breaks silence about Sexual Violence in her home country and she is now symbolising the #MeToo campaign in Japan. Shiori took the unprecedented decision to go public in 2017 with her allegations of being drugged and sexually violated by a high-profile TV journalist in a country where speaking about sex crimes remains strictly taboo.


Dr. Minnie Li is one of campaigners for the #MeToo movement in Hong Kong, and also actively takes part in gender-related movements. She is currently a lecturer at The Education University of Hong Kong. Her works focus on Chinese lesbians' self-identities and stress experiences and the impact of social networks on mental health among sexual minority groups.


Ms. Linda Wong is the Executive Director of Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women, she is the co-founder of the Association and RainLily, Hong Kong's first rape crisis centre for sexual violence victims, which set up in 1997 and 2000 respectively. She has walked along with sexual violence victims for 22 years with rich experiences in counselling and women's rights advocacy work.


Ms. Karen See is the co-founder of Embrace Worldwide, which offers personal and corporate behavioural coaching. With nearly 25 years' experience in marketing communications, she specialises in media strategy and public relations. In 2018, Karen co-organized a series of '#MeToo. Now What?' workshops to help identify, respond to, and end sexual harassment.

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