Care and more - RainLily Flag Day 2018

Care and more

The #metoo campaign has raised attention and discussion in the end of 2017, where at the same time, cases received at RainLily were doubled. Some victims gained strength and power from the movement, but many are silenced by criticisms and trolls in the society. It needs courage to break the silence, and it takes the whole society to stop condemnations and victim-blaming to build a friendly and supportive environment for sexual violence victims to seek help and voice out.

Through Care and more, theme of RainLily Flag Day 2018, we wish to bring the issue of sexual violence to the light, and would like to invite the public to become supporters to sexual violence victims. Be more caring, stay aware of the rape culture, respect other's autonomy, and be empowered -  wear the badge and show your support.

#Care #Aware #Respect #Empower

Fundraising Target: HK$ 600,000
Raising funds for sexual violence support service

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*All flag-selling volunteers will be awarded a certificate of merit and a limited edition “C.A.R.E. folder”, and their service hours will also be recorded.

Donation: HSBC 456-828409-838

Enquiry: (+852) 2392 2569

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Public Subscription Permit: FD/R045/2018

3 organisations are permitted by Social Welfare Department to conduct regional flag sale in Hong Kong Island region, Kowloon region and the New Territories region respectively on 1st December 2018. RainLily is authorised to sell flags in Kowloon region on that day.

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